Brokerage Services

To help identify, analyze and negociate real-estate opportunities in Greater Boston Area.  Since 2013, we have closed over 200 million of sales.

-For Buyers
Our agents will help you navigate through different market locations in Boston and find the most suitable property for you by understanding your needs and preferences.

-For Sellers
Our agents will help you evaluate your property with the most up-to-date market analysis. We will share expertise on how to get the maximum value for your property. 

-For Investors
Every investor is unique in their investment target as their needs may vary based on risk tolerance, target return, experience, time involvement, and time horizon. Our agents will use a series of analyses and due diligence to help you maximize your cash-on-cash return.

Questions to ask yourself as an investor:

1. What is your goal for the money?
2. When do you need the money?
3. What is your expected return?
4. How much experience do you have?
5. How risk-tolerant are you?
6. How much time do you h ging the property?

What makes us different?

1. We help you minimize risks and avoid pitfalls during the sales process
2. We are experienced negotiators to help you acquire the property with the best price and terms
3. We are actively on top of the market to give you insight into market competition
4. We are experienced with construction and can give you advice on future renovations
5. We work with many partners with expertise in legal, lending, and taxation
6. We have a large resource of off-market property deals
7. We are fluent in English and Chinese